Why Choose ASO

Ask these Simple Questions to Consider

If the company you choose is the Right One for You

  1. Firstly your priority should be to check if the company you are buying from has a QLD BSA License. Our license is BSA1160602.
  2. Is the sales person that is in your home experienced and knowledgable about his products?
  3. Is the person that is going to come out and do the installation experienced and knowledgable?
  4. Are they able to deliver/install in a prompt time frame?
  5. Is the product they are supplying strong and worth the money you are paying for it. If you decide to choose a weaker product then you should be able to expect a lower price. If you are to receive a superior stronger product then you should expect to pay a higher price. Remember the old addage ” YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”
  6. Can they supply you with a printed warranty seperate to the job sheet they first handed you?
  7. Finally a very important one for a lot of people : DO YOU TRUST AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THE PERSON IN YOUR HOME ?? Sometimes it is just simply that you feel more safe and comfortable using one particular person more than another and usually first impressions are good ones.

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